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Thread: multiple left axes in QwtPlot still possible? -solved

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    Default multiple left axes in QwtPlot still possible? -solved

    I found this:
    which suggests there is a file qwt_axis_id.h
    and you can define multiple left and right axes
    QwtAxisId axisY1(QwtPlot::yLeft,0);
    QwtAxisId axisY2(QwtPlot::yLeft,1);
    This post refers also to
    for another example
    which uses QGraph->setYAxis(QwtAxisId(QwtAxis::yLeft, 0));

    however I cannot find any reference to QwtAxisId in version 6.1.6 ? I hope this feature still exists?
    (my install is package within msys2)

    EDIT: the solution is in this branch:
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    Default Re: multiple left axes in QwtPlot still possible?

    The multiaxes branch can be found in the officiall qwt SVN ( soon git ) repositories.

    On github you find several clones from users that are in no way related to the Qwt development. AFAIR this one was made to build Qwt with cmake.
    Of course you can't expect any support for code from nonofficial sites.


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