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Thread: QT mysql connectivity issue on other than default port

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    Default QT mysql connectivity issue on other than default port


    I have QT mysql connectivity issue.

    I have created one docker instance where I have installed mysql. This mysql instance is running
    on port 6603 and not a regular port of 3306.
    This port is open and is accessible from outside as well. Now I am connecting to this mysql instance
    from all other applications which is not built using QT, like I am able to connect using node js or
    any other 3rd party mysql editor. This means there is no connectivity issue.
    But when I try to connect to this server using QSqlDatabase, it is either not connecting or says access denied.
    However, if I change the above server port from 6603 to default 3306, QT application is able to connect.
    Not getting where the things are going wrong. I have used below code of QT.

    Qt Code:
    1. QJsonObject jo = getConnectionDetails(); // getConnectionDetails has all values of actual connections.
    2. QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QMYSQL",jo.value("conn_name").toString());
    3. db.setHostName(jo.value("hostname").toString());
    4. db.setDatabaseName(jo.value("dbname").toString());
    5. db.setUserName(jo.value("username").toString());
    6. db.setPassword(jo.value("password").toString());
    7. db.setPort(jo.value("port").toInt());
    8. if (!{
    9. error = db.lastError().databaseText();
    10. qDebug() << "Connection error: " + error;
    11. return false;
    12. }
    13. return true;
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    Above code is part of connector function.
    Please suggest why this happening?



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    Default Re: QT mysql connectivity issue on other than default port

    Wouldn't it be easier to answer the questions in the other forum before posting it here where due to the lack of the answers the same questions arise?

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