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Thread: Qt Designer Transparent Image Background Color Issue

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    Default Qt Designer Transparent Image Background Color Issue

    I'm building a simple screen. I've added a couple of layouts to organize it. Like so:
    I changed the MainWindow's background to an image through the styleSheet property

    Qt Code:
    1. background-image: url(:/MainBackground/MM_Main_Background.png);\nbackground-color: transparent
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    The transparent line was an attempt to fix the issue. Doesn't change anything.

    I then added three objects to the top horizontal layout
    - a Label
    - a lineEdit
    - a Label
    I used pixmap and added an image to both labels. Both of the images have transparent backgrounds. I was expecting the images to have the correct background color based on their location, but it seems that they keep the color of the background's left side. I've tried changing their properties to be transparent, changed centralWidget and MainWindow's colors but no dice. I did this based on my Google search results but I have not found something concrete/similar to my problem. I'm probably not searching well enough but I don't know how to best word my problem.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that reads this.


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    Default Re: Qt Designer Transparent Image Background Color Issue

    For anyone that has a similar problem. The solution was the following: use styleSheet instead of pixmap. When you add the image, make it a background image not just a normal image. If you had an empty label with no text, this might make the label 'disappear.' Change the sizePolicy to minimum and change the minimumSize to what you need.

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