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Thread: Adding LGPL licensing information

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    Default Adding LGPL licensing information

    I have created a Qt application. Now I want to make an install package and release it (using LGPL).

    Can I just add the qt-license.txt file to the installation directory? or I have to show the information in my application using "About Qt" QMessagebox or some other way?

    Another question, What is it meant by "Make a Qt source code copy available for customer"?

    Do I have to share the source code of my Qt Application?

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    Default Re: Adding LGPL licensing information

    Do I have to share the source code of my Qt Application?
    If you release your application as LGPL, then I think the license says you must make your source code available. Do not use a license if you do not understand it and consult someone who can explain all of the terms to you.

    You can use LGPL components (like Qt) in your application without releasing your application with the same license. You can make a commercial application and sell it even though it uses LGPL libraries. However, you do have to provide either the source code to the libraries or a link to a site where users can obtain the source code for them.

    You cannot use GPL components in a commercial project or in a project where you do not release its source code.
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    Default Re: Adding LGPL licensing information

    Better don't give any advice, when not being sure - there is already too much misleading information out there.

    IMHO a good source of information - including the tricky parts of the LGPL - has been given by Burkhard f.e;


  4. The following user says thank you to Uwe for this useful post:

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