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Thread: CMake does not find Qt - Oracle Linux

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    Default CMake does not find Qt - Oracle Linux

    Hi everybody,
    I am working at a project built for Oracle Linux ( v. 7.3 ). I don't have much freedom of choice, meaning I can't install qt using the installer.
    I have to work with the existing installation ( installed using yum ).
    The include header files are located under /usr/include/Qt5/*, while the libraries are in /usr/lib64/*.
    Unfortunately CMake is not able to find them, the find_package() is not working and I don't see how I can use the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH.
    Any indea on how i can solve my problem?
    Franco Amato

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    Default Re: CMake does not find Qt - Oracle Linux

    The complete form of find_package() has optional arguments (HINTS, PATHS, PATH_SUFFIXES) which you can use to search different paths than the normal ones. Try modifying the find_package() command that is failing to include your paths.
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