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Thread: how to set the y-axis width?

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    Question how to set the y-axis width?


    i am playing with Qwt. Thanks for the great library! I have written an application with one or more plotters. In the first one i will draw a Chart of an financial market. In the plotter below i will draw as example an indicator. Please see the screenshot.
    Clipboard 1.jpg

    How can i set the width of the Y-axis on the right side of the plotter below?

    I would have the same width as the plotter above (with the candle-sticks). I tried so many things with plotter->axisWidget(QwtPlot::yRight)->resize() etc. but nothing work. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    EDIT: The vertical line is a QwtPlotMarker. I set the position with: plottMarker->setValue(chartPlotter->invTransform(QwtPlot::xBottom, pos.x()), 0); from the plotter above (with the signal: moved(QPoint) from QwtPlotPicker). It works, but it looks crazy because of the different width of the y-axis.
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    Default Re: how to set the y-axis width?

    Have a look at the plotmatrix example.


  3. The following user says thank you to Uwe for this useful post:

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