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Thread: Problem with compiling QWT on CentOS 6.9 system

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    Default Problem with compiling QWT on CentOS 6.9 system

    I have installed Qt 4.8.5 with Qt-creator 2.8.1 on CentOS 6.9 system.

    Now I am trying to compile QWT 6.1.0 library on my system.

    However, I am getting the error qt libraries qmetatype.h, qdebug.h can not be found as shown in the attached image.

    Any suggestion on how to resolve this issue? qwt_installation.jpg

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    Default Re: Problem with compiling QWT on CentOS 6.9 system

    If you are compiling against Qt 4.8.5, why do the include paths in the Make script say "qt-3.3" ?

    You have posted dozens of questions lately. Instead of posting a question whenever you come across a new problem and asking us to solve it for you, why don't you take the time to read what your compiler is telling you and try to learn what is wrong so you can fix the problems yourself?
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