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Thread: Displaying selectedRow text in a QLineEdit

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    Default Displaying selectedRow text in a QLineEdit


    Please I will need you help. I am not that proficient with QTableWidget and honestly need your help with proper guidance.
    Before I came here, I have made several research but to no avail. I have also studied the Qt documentation but don't understand it.

    I have basic knowledge of Python and pyqt5 and have written some projects anyway, my problem is with QTableWidget.

    I am writing a program and in one of the windows, a click of a button loads a window with a qtablewidget in it. This qtablewidget displays retrieved records from the database.
    Please I need a line of code that can make any selected row of the qTablewidget to be displayed in a particular lineEdit in the same class with the qTableWidget.
    I would prefer a code example as an illustration. Please. In the attached photo, you can see the selectedRow label and its QLineEdit which is readOnly, please I want the content of the selectedRow in the qtablewidget to display in that QLineEdit.

    Kindly help me with code based on my codetabw.jpg

    The below is an extract from my program:

    Qt Code:
    1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13697[/ATTACH]displaylb = QLabel("Selected row")
    2. self.displaytx = QLineEdit()
    3. self.displaytx.setReadOnly(True)
    4. = QtWidgets.QTableWidget(self)
    5. Headerlist = [this contains the columns title in the qTablewidget]
    9."::section{background-color: blue}")
    10., 200, 1700, 1700)
    16. QHeaderView.Stretch) # this makes the columns fit in the widget
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    Default Re: Displaying selectedRow text in a QLineEdit

    I do not know enough Python to give you code, but since this sounds like a homework assignment you should write the code yourself. This is what you need to do:

    - connect the QTableWidget::itemSelectionChanged() signal to a slot in your class

    - in that slot, call QTableWidget::selectedItems(). This will give you a list of the QTableWidgetItem pointers that are the selection. Since you are selecting the entire row, then this will be a list of all of the cells in that row.

    - pick the QTableWidgetItem for the column you want and use QTableWidgetItem::text() to retrieve the QString.

    - call QLineEdit::setText()
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