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Thread: Another licensing question

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    Default Another licensing question

    I thought I understood the Qt licensing strategy, but I went to the Qt Company's "Products & Features" page and now I am confused.
    If I select "LGPL v3" for the license model the development platform defaults to "Windows". When I change the dev platform to "Linux" the license model switches to "Commercial".
    I can't seem to get a filter that shows me available features for "LGPL v3" and "Linux".
    But I do find plenty of libqt packages in my package manager on Linux Mint. (libqt5core5a, libqt5gui5, ...)
    So, can I develop on Linux for Linux with Qt using the LGPL v3 license?

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    Default Re: Another licensing question

    Qt Company's "Products & Features" page
    I think that page is buggy. If you change any of the drop-downs, it changes others at the same time. LGPL v3 is available on all platforms AFAIK.

    Try this page instead and click the "View other options" link if needed to get to the platform you want. Qt seems to have adopted a strategy of making it as hard as possible to use Qt under LGPL by making you jump through all sorts of hoops to get it.
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  3. The following user says thank you to d_stranz for this useful post:

    SteveD (19th August 2021)

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    Default Re: Another licensing question

    I downloaded the file but my Linux Mint system doesn't know what to do with a ".run" extension.
    I subsequently checked further in the package manager and found a qtCreator package. I've installed that and will continue from there.
    Again thank you for the info.

    Added after 8 minutes:

    Figured out the ".run" problem. Just had to chmod +x.
    I can run it, but I've already installed qtCreator so I will go with what I've got. Except for the tiny fonts on my 1440 screen everything is going well so far.

    Added after 58 minutes:

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveD View Post
    Except for the tiny fonts on my 1440 screen
    Fixed this problem!

    Tools > Options > Environment > Enable high DPI scaling
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