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Thread: Problems with QGridLayout

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    Default Problems with QGridLayout

    Hi community,
    I am having some issue placing 5 items in a grid layout.
    Each item is an horizontal layout composed by a QComboBox and a QLabel.

    I would like to place the items in this way:

    | H_1 | <==> | H_2 |

    | H_3 | <==> | H_4 |

    | H_5 | <=======|

    The arrows between H1,H2 and H3,H4 indicate that the items should be pushed to the extremes when the grid is resized while H5 should be pushed to the left side.

    I also set the SizeAdjustPolicy of the 5 combo boxes to the AdjustToContents flag to adjust its size fit to fit the content, but seems not having effect in my code.
    The grid layout will be then added to a vertical layout.

    Below the code snippet I wrote:

    Qt Code:
    1. QVBoxLayout *radarBiasVerticalLayout = new QVBoxLayout(stackPageRadarBias_);
    3. // The 5 horizontal layouts
    4. QHBoxLayout *timeBiasHBox = new QHBoxLayout;
    5. QHBoxLayout *rangeBiasHBox = new QHBoxLayout;
    6. QHBoxLayout *rangeGainBiasHBox = new QHBoxLayout;
    7. QHBoxLayout *azimuthBiasHBox = new QHBoxLayout;
    8. QHBoxLayout *eccentricityBiasHBox = new QHBoxLayout;
    10. // The 5 combo boxes
    11. cb_time_bias = new QComboBox; // CB1
    12. cb_time_bias->setSizeAdjustPolicy(QComboBox::AdjustToContents);
    13. cb_range_bias = new QComboBox; // CB2
    14. cb_range_bias->setSizeAdjustPolicy(QComboBox::AdjustToContents);
    15. cb_rangeGain_bias = new QComboBox; // CB3
    16. cb_rangeGain_bias->setSizeAdjustPolicy(QComboBox::AdjustToContents);
    17. cb_azimuth_bias = new QComboBox; // CB4
    18. cb_azimuth_bias->setSizeAdjustPolicy(QComboBox::AdjustToContents);
    19. cb_eccentricity_bias = new QComboBox; // CB5
    20. cb_eccentricity_bias->setSizeAdjustPolicy(QComboBox::AdjustToContents);
    22. // The 5 labels
    23. lbl_time_bias = new QLabel("Set time for all radars"); // label1
    24. lbl_range_bias = new QLabel("Set range for all radars"); // label2
    25. lbl_rangeGain_bias = new QLabel("Set range gain for all radars"); // label3
    26. lbl_azimuth_bias = new QLabel("Set azimuth for all radars"); // label4
    27. lbl_eccentricity_bias = new QLabel("Set eccentricity for all radars"); // label5
    29. timeBiasHBox->addWidget(cb_time_bias);
    30. timeBiasHBox->addWidget(lbl_time_bias);
    32. rangeBiasHBox->addWidget(cb_range_bias);
    33. rangeBiasHBox->addWidget(lbl_range_bias);
    35. rangeGainBiasHBox->addWidget(cb_rangeGain_bias);
    36. rangeGainBiasHBox->addWidget(lbl_rangeGain_bias);
    38. azimuthBiasHBox->addWidget(cb_azimuth_bias);
    39. azimuthBiasHBox->addWidget(lbl_azimuth_bias);
    41. eccentricityBiasHBox->addWidget(cb_eccentricity_bias);
    42. eccentricityBiasHBox->addWidget(lbl_eccentricity_bias);
    44. // Layout the items into the grid
    45. grid->setHorizontalSpacing(50);
    46. grid->addLayout(timeBiasHBox, 0, 0);
    47. grid->addLayout(rangeBiasHBox, 0, 1);
    48. grid->addLayout(rangeGainBiasHBox, 1, 0);
    49. grid->addLayout(azimuthBiasHBox, 1, 1);
    50. grid->addLayout(eccentricityBiasHBox, 2, 0, 2, 1, Qt::AlignLeft);
    52. // Add the grid to the vertical layout
    53. radarBiasVerticalLayout->addLayout(grid);
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    The final result of my code is the one in this picturebad.png while it should be like in this other picturegood.png
    I can not set the comboboxes to the correct size to have the correct result.

    I hope to get some help here.
    Thanx in advance,
    Franco Amato

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    Default Re: Problems with QGridLayout

    Hi, I think you can achieve the layout you want by playing with the horizontal stretch factors of the widgets, especially the labels.


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    Default Re: Problems with QGridLayout

    I think the problem is that each of the hbox layouts scales its contents independently of all of the others, so when you put them into the grid, nothing lines up.

    I would get rid of all of the horizontal layouts and simply put each item separately into a grid cell. This will guarantee that each column of the grid resizes to the size of the largest item in each column and that all of the columns will align vertically. You can play around with the stretch factors or maximum widths for each column to get them to stretch the way you want.
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