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Thread: Create a dialog on the fly dynamically based on an input xml file

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    Default Create a dialog on the fly dynamically based on an input xml file

    Hi Qt community,

    I need to read an xml custom file and based on its content I have to create and show a dialog showing what has been described in the xml file.
    A small example of part of the content of the file:

    Qt Code:
    1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    2. <HMI>
    3. <Parameter type=[COLOR="#008000"]"textfield"[/COLOR]>
    4. <Label>DS ID</Label>
    5. <Size>80</Size>
    6. <Value>-1</Value>
    7. <ToolTip>Enter DS_ID. For all use -1</ToolTip>
    8. </Parameter>
    9. <Parameter type=[COLOR="#008000"]"textfield"[/COLOR]>
    10. <Label>RT Number</Label>
    11. <Size>80</Size>
    12. <Value>-1</Value>
    13. <ToolTip>Track number. For all use -1</ToolTip>
    14. </Parameter>
    15. <Parameter type=[COLOR="#008000"]"textfield"[/COLOR]>
    16. <Label>Sigma Value</Label>
    17. <Size>80</Size>
    18. <Value>2</Value>
    19. <ToolTip>Sigma value. For for which AA will be performed</ToolTip>
    20. </Parameter>
    21. </HMI>
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    This will be translated in a dialog having 3 couples of QLabel and QLineEdit respectively.
    Each couple of <Label>labelText</Label> tags identifies the QLabel (having labelText as text) and each Parameter type="textfield" identifies the QLineEdit widgets with the text between the tags <Value> and </Value>. I have no problem in parsing an xml file, but I'm not very clear on how to create dialog on the fly.

    Any help will be appreciated.
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    Franco Amato

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