We are pleased to announce the beta version release of QtitanDataGrid 7 component. This version contains many improvements and bug fixes. The major feature of this version is TreeView support. Two new views are supported - common TreeView and TreeView with column-bands - BandedTreeView. See our new examples {QTITAN_INSTALL}/examples/grid/FileBrowser and {QTITAN_INSTALL}/examples/grid/TreeView for the details.
The functionality of fixing columns at the left or right, fixing rows at the bottom or top, multi-sorting are fully supported without any restrictions.
QtitanDataGrid 7 also implements a unique possibility for grouping by the column. Grouping is operated for root nodes. Very comfortably for end-user to get a new view for the data. Added the ability to resize rows for vertical tables.
For the convenience of developers, we split the component into 3 independent widgets - Qtitan::CardGrid (provides CardView and CardViewVertical views) is a widget for displaying rows as a Cards, Qtitan::TreeGrid (provides TreeView and BandedTreeView views) is a widget for displaying Trees, Qtitan::Grid (provides TableView, BandedTableView, TableViewVertical and BandedTableViewVertical views) is a widget for displaying Tables.
Additionally, we added MS Office Styles as part of the component installation. All styles are moved to a separate module QtitanStyle.dll. Improved support for regular delegates (QStyledItemDelegate) bridge, which are used to add editors to common QTableView and QTreeView. Bug-fixing in drag-drop feature.
QtitanDataGrid 7 supports build for Qt6. This beta version can work with Qt6.0.0 to Q6.0.4. A little later we will add the support for actual version of Qt6.2-Qt6.3 and a greater.

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