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Thread: Qt5 and Qt6 font render mismatches

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    Default Qt5 and Qt6 font render mismatches

    I am doing migration of app from Qt5.15.2 to Qt6.2.2 (OS: win).
    All going well up to the point when we noticed that text rendering is changed a bit (the text which was looking bold on Qt5 variant, was not looking so on Qt6, was thinner)

    I wrote simple demo app, where i create QLabel and set font size and weight for it.
    Build two apps, one for Qt5 and other for Qt6 and compare side by side.
    The render of Qt6 fonts looks nicer in general, but our problem that we have to update css for all app, and looking to find temporary solution without changing css much, if possible.

    issue1: Here(first image attachment) is a standard font, as u may see Qt6 variant for 12px looks smaller than same variant for Qt5. This is very weird to me, because on other font family i didn't experience such behavior (see Note3 below, where second image with other font-family).
    issue2: font-weight: 600 and 700 looks the same for Qt5, but are different on Qt6 (was it Qt5 bug, which fixed in Qt6)?

    Note3 (same side to side comparison, but with using font Monserrat):

    I would be appreciated if someone could explain me some of these issues or advice a quick solution, if possible to got identical font rendering on both Qt5/Qt6 versions.
    many thanks in advance
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