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Thread: Hosting a Cwnd inside a widget

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    Default Hosting a Cwnd inside a widget

    Migrating a large application to Qt. I have a Window CDialog that I want to host inside a QWidget

    How to achieve that? QWinHost doesn't seem appropriate as that seems to require subclassing and modification of a native Windows app event loop which doesn't seem useful.

    No I cannot re-implement that dialog in Qt in short order - it will take months of work as it has 10 custom CWnd children not of which are in any way trivial (the smallest is around 3k of code).


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    Default Re: Hosting a Cwnd inside a widget

    You might be able to make use of the QWinWidget class that can be found in the Qt Windows Migration library. This is not part of the standard Qt distribution, so you will probably have to build it yourself. The library was written to help in solving exactly your problem - porting from a Windows application to Qt and hosting a native Windows HWND inside of a Qt widget.

    Edit: I see from posts you have made on this same question in other forums that you are already using the Qt migration library, so you are already aware of QWinWidget.
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