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Thread: Right Click a QCalendarWidget date

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    Default Right Click a QCalendarWidget date

    Hi, my application currently implements a QCalendarWidget and when a user clicks any date a QMenu popup to choose an option:

    Qt Code:
    1. connect(this, SIGNAL(clicked(QDate)), this, SLOT(dateSelected(QDate)));
    3. ...
    5. void CalendarManagerRep::dateSelected(const QDate &date)
    6. {
    7. m_selectedDate = date;
    8. QMenu menu;
    9. menu.addAction("0",this, SLOT(noSelection()));
    10. menu.addAction("½",this, SLOT(halfSelected()));
    11. menu.addAction("1",this, SLOT(oneSelected()));
    12. menu.exec(QCursor::pos());
    14. auto view = this->findChild<QAbstractItemView*>();
    15. if(view){
    16. view->viewport()->update();
    17. } else update(); // fallback
    19. emit datesChanged();
    20. }
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    Now I would like to move the QMenu on the right-click and leave left-click for a default value.

    I tried to reimplement void QWidget::mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent *event) but it seems to trigger only when right-clicking the calendar header.

    Any clue? Very thanks

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    Default Re: Right Click a QCalendarWidget date

    You might have to derive a new class from QCalendarWidget and override some of the mouse handling. My guess is that the widget eats the mouse events and converts them into the other signals.

    For starters, you could implement an event filter then use the debugger to see what happens in response to the mousePresseEvent and mouseReleaseEvent events. I imagine a complex widget like this could be pretty easy to break if you start adding custom handling for events.
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