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Thread: Rendering a QQuickItem into a QImage (Qt6)

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    Default Rendering a QQuickItem into a QImage (Qt6)

    Hi Qt Specialist,

    I'm really desperate to make it work, I try different approaches but nothing works like expected. And most of the examples found by Googling concern Qt5.

    First the Use Case: I have to do a color picker into a complex 2D scene, this scene is constructed with QSGNodes tree inside a QQuickItem. Of course, to make it more difficult, I have to pick the color without the drawing overlays and I should be able to pick outside of the item bounds.

    I try this:
    1. I create a simplified QQuickItem
    2. try to bind it to an offscreen window (setParentItem & QQuickRenderControl)
    3. add a render target (fromPaintDevice, I have no clue how to transform any 'kind' of textures into a QImage)
    3. resize
    4. render with polishItems, beginFrame, ....
    5. check the image

    I get this error:
    QQuickWindow: No render target (neither swapchain nor custom target was provided)

    Here is the code using Vulkan:
    Qt Code:
    1. QVulkanInstance* inst = new QVulkanInstance;
    2. inst->create();
    4. _render_ctrl = new QQuickRenderControl;
    6. // this window will never be shown on-screen
    7. _off_screen_window = new QQuickWindow(_render_ctrl);
    8. _off_screen_window->setVulkanInstance(inst);
    10. if (!_render_ctrl->initialize())
    11. qWarning() << "failed to init";
    13. _image = new QImage(300, 200, QImage::Format_RGBA8888_Premultiplied);
    14. _image->fill(qRgb(255,255,0));
    16. _off_screen_window->setRenderTarget(QQuickRenderTarget::fromPaintDevice(_image));
    18. _off_screen_item->setParentItem(_off_screen_window->contentItem());
    19. _off_screen_item->setSize(QSize(300,200));
    20. _off_screen_item->setVisible(true);
    22. _off_screen_window->resize(300, 200);
    23. //_off_screen_window->show();
    25. _render_ctrl->polishItems();
    26. _render_ctrl->beginFrame();
    27. _render_ctrl->sync();
    28. _render_ctrl->render();
    29. _render_ctrl->endFrame();
    31. _image->save("xxx.png"); // nothing draw just the original image
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    Could someone explain to me how in Qt6 I could render offscreen a QQuickItem in a QImage? Or at least into a texture and how to obtain an average color from the extracted texture?

    Is the call QQuickWindow::setGraphicsApi(QSGRendererInterface: :Vulkan); compatible with the offscreen QQuickWindow? The Qt examples and documentation do not really cover this case.

    The only solution, for now, I'm using (slow - no shaders to help - and need to duplicate the rendering) is the QPainter over a QImage.


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    Default Re: Rendering a QQuickItem into a QImage (Qt6)

    The docs claim you could redirect rendering in Vulkan to VkImage:

    Qt Code:
    1. QQuickRenderTarget rt = QQuickRenderTarget::fromVulkanImage(vulkanImage, VK_IMAGE_LAYOUT_PREINITIALIZED, pixelSize);
    2. quickWindow->setRenderTarget(rt);
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    Then you can either sample that image or try to convert it to some other image API (e.g. QImage)
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    Default Re: Rendering a QQuickItem into a QImage (Qt6)

    Rendering a QQuickItem into a QImage in Qt6 can be achieved by redirecting rendering in Vulkan to a VkImage using QQuickRenderTarget. Have you tried using the suggested approach with QQuickRenderTarget::fromVulkanImage, and if so, what issues are you encountering in your implementation?

    Additionally, have you considered other methods or libraries to achieve your color picking in a complex 2D scene, or are you focused on solving this within the Qt framework?

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