I'm looking for a control that ideally looks very like QTimeEdit but is not constrained to a maximum of 23:59:59.999.

I would like it to support time intervals of as little as 1/4000s or 1/10000s. This could be handled by displaying the fractional seconds as rational fractions, but it might be simpler to support microsecond resolution and be done.

If would be great if spinning up the fractional seconds would increment the seconds value when it wrapped from 0.999999 to 0 and to decrement when wrapping downwards. Similarly for seconds/minutes/hours.

You could call it e.g. (Q)DurationEdit or (Q)ElapsedTimeEdit or something like that.

I guess you could do this with 4 spin boxes and somehow capture the wrapping of the value, but it would certainly be prettier if it were displayed similarly to QTimeEdit.

Is there anyone out there who's "been there, done that"?