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Thread: GCC embed binary into a qtabwidget

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    Default GCC embed binary into a qtabwidget

    If there is a similar post out there I have not found it. pleases reply with a link if there is one.
    project description:
    We have created a modular approach with our projects. for example projectFramework which contains the qtabwidget. then projectA, projectB, -- projectL are treated as a module which get populated into each tab if the specified project is needed for the particular Job.
    currently the sub projects(A-L) are built into DLL'S, which are working. However, we need to have each project(A-L) in its own subfolder which becomes a module that can be there or not. Also we do not want the Framework binary to need those folders of libraries if they are not needed for the job. since we are using dll's that means we need to link them into the Framework and since they are linked then they need to exist in there perspective sub-folders.

    What We want to do:
    We are looking at converting these from dll to exe and then embed the binary GUI into qtabwidget. as an exe we have more control of this modular approach and can prevent the loading of a project if some of our project startup checks fail. Thus preventing any unwanted crash.

    How can we embed a GUI binary into a QTabWidget of another binary project?
    Cannot run as a qprocess, since that will run it outside of the Framework and not inside the QTabWidget.

    Windows 10, Msys2, Mingw64, Qt5.15 Qt Creator 4.14

    Thank you in advance and would greatly appreciate some ideas to accomplish this.

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    Default Re: GCC embed binary into a qtabwidget

    Hi, you can also load the DLLs dynamically. That way you can check if the DDL exists and load it as required. To do this do not link the DLL directly to your project. Instead use the LoadLibrary() function to load the DLL and GetProcAddress() to load specific functions from a loaded DLL.


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