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    Question QTimer

    Hi friends,

    i am programing on QT4.2.3 with a crossplatform of VC++

    i need a help in the programing i am doing.

    i have object in a plane which is to be move from one position to the other when i click on the button start like from the initial ponint to the final point. and ever time it make a move the object should be displayed.

    below is the function.

    Void Way::moveObject()

    while(pxSquare->x() < 200 || pxSquare->y() >0) //does not exceed the plane
    pxSquare->setPos(pxSquare->x() + 4, pxSquare->y() - 4);
    //onclick moves a step
    pxSquare->x() + 4; // incremants x value
    pxSquare->y() - 4; //decremnts y value

    however when i run this the object directly shows the fnal position,
    n what i want is every time it makes a move it should be diaplyed on the plane. where in i can increase n decreese the speed of the object..

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: QTimer

    J-P Nurmi

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