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Thread: Adding Qt's documentation to Xcode documentation browser

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    Default Adding Qt's documentation to Xcode documentation browser


    I'm working on a Mac (MacBook Pro 2.3Ghz with Tiger running on it) with Qt 4.3.0. My trouble is related to the fact that I'd like to add Qt's documentation to the Xcode documentation browser. I followed the procedure detailed at this link:

    but, simply, it doesn't works. When the pbhelpindexer's execution ends, I get a warning message which states:

    "*** Warning: Some content files had faulty markup or other problems. ***
    Rerun pbhelpindexer with the '-d' debug switch for a complete transcript of the warnings and associated files."

    Opening the Xcode's documentation browser, I'm not able to find any new Qt-related stuff. I modified the Xcode's documentation index file (/Developer/ADC Reference Library/indexes/MacOSXDeveloper.pbHelpIndexerList), adding this line:


    This is the place where the Qt's HTML documentation is installed on my machine. I can't understand where I'm wrong. Does anyone has some suggests?

    Thanks in advance,
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