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Thread: set Column Width in QTreeWidget?

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    Question set Column Width in QTreeWidget?

    Hi All,

    I m using QT 4.1.5 on my MAC.

    Earlier i was using Qt 4.2.2 and there is a function set ColumnWidth to set the column width of a treeWidget.

    But Due to some reason I have to work on Qt 4.1.5 and now I want to set the width of the treeWidget.

    I can do that it by resizeColumnToContents but Actually it resize the column t its contents but I want to resize it to the width given by Me.

    If anybody knows then plz help me out.


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    Default Re: set Column Width in QTreeWidget?

    QTreeView::setColumnWidth() is same than calling QHeaderView::resizeSection(). You can access the header via QTreeView::header().
    J-P Nurmi

  3. The following user says thank you to jpn for this useful post:

    vishal.chauhan (25th June 2007)

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