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    Default Qt Source Macros

    In the Qt GUI sources, what do the macros like Q_D & Q_Q do?

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    Default Re: Qt Source Macros

    Qt Code:
    1. #define Q_D(Class) Class##Private * const d = d_func()
    2. #define Q_Q(Class) Class * const q = q_func()
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    First one obtains a "d-pointer" that points to the private part of the implementation.
    From "Data Sharing with Class" by Jasmin Blanchette
    The term "d-pointer" was coined by Arnt Gulbrandsen and later adopted by Qt and KDE programmers. It is called "Pimpl" (Pointer to implementation) in the book Exceptional C++, and "Cheshire Cat" in Design Patterns.
    The second one obtains a pointer to the public part of the implemention.

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