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Thread: Qt, Python and pop-ups

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    Question Qt, Python and pop-ups

    i am working on
    Qt :: 4.2.3
    python :: 2.5.1

    front end being Qt and backend for parsing the files, python is being
    used.In some conditions in I need pop-up's from the python part while parsing
    the files to resolve some conditions.I have got the pop-up by extending python .Pop-up's are not taking action's or event's from the user.

    am I doing right by calling Qt from Python by extending (extending python using C,C++) ???

    if I use PyQt for this kind of application will it be helpful ??

    if I use PyQt for this ,Will qApp be visible for the python part and event loop will be there in the python part for the user interactions ??

    please help me if i am doing wrong .

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    Default Re: Qt, Python and pop-ups

    If you use PyQt, your whole application will be in Python. If you want to write GUI in C++ and embed Python scripts into your application, see PythonQt.
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