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Thread: Video Tutorials or step by step guides?

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    Default Video Tutorials or step by step guides?

    I am new to GUI designing and I am completely lost. Nothing is intuitive enough for me to figure out on its own. I first tried wxWidgets but couldn't figure out how to compile anything on either windows orlinux. Now i'm giving qt a shot and again the same problem.

    I want a video that shows you how (from the download of qt stage) how to design and compile an application. Thanks,

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    Default Re: Video Tutorials or step by step guides?

    There is no such video tutorial. Two video tutorials exist (at least according to my knowledge) - one is available on Trolltech site and describes how to implement a simple application and the other is mine and describes the basics of using Designer. I suggest you start with the text tutorial that is contained in Qt reference. The online version is available here:

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    Default Re: Video Tutorials or step by step guides?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dumbledore View Post
    I am new to GUI designing and I am completely lost.
    I started out a few months ago in the same boat. The problem with a video as you suggested: there are so many different ways in which application developers might want to get started, it would be hard to cover all the bases with a single video. Mac, WinXP, Linux... MinGW, MSVC, other compilers/IDEs, etc.

    Wysota's right- start with the tutorial, and when you run into problems, post them here. This website is excellent, you'll be up and running in no time. From your post--"I am completely lost"--I assume you probably haven't downloaded/compiled the Qt libraries. You must do this before you can do the tutorial. Again, if you're having trouble doing this, post your problems here or on the Installation forum... after checking to see, of course, if someone else hasn't already posted the same problem.

    & cheer up. couldn't be more clueless now than I was a few months ago.


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