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Thread: Layout QActions in a QToolBar

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    Default Layout QActions in a QToolBar

    I've a QToolBar with 30 Actions : one column of 30 Icons.
    I want organize this Actions in 2 Colums of 15 items for column.
    I think to create a Vertical Layout, and insert in this Layout 15 Horizontal Layouts.
    Then in every Horizontal Layouts add two QActions.

    But the layout with the QActions in the QToolBar don't works :
    I Post a little example, with only one icon (QAction) :

    1. I Create a Widget (w1) with only a QAction.
    2. I Create an HorizontalLayout (hl) and i set to it the Widget (w1)
    3. I Create a new Widget (w2)
    4. I Set to w2 the layout (hl) that contains the other widget (w1).
    5. I Add the w2 widget to the toolBar.

    Qt Code:
    1. QWidget *w1 = new QWidget();
    2. w1->addAction(myAction); // myAction is QAction*;
    4. hl->addWidget(w1);
    6. QWidget *w2 = new QWidget();
    7. w2->setLayout(hl);
    8. toolBar->addWidget(w2);
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    This code don't works. In the Toolbar nothing appears.
    How can I manage the layout in the ToolBar ?
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Layout QActions in a QToolBar

    QWidget::addAction() doesn't do what you want. You need to manually create a QToolButton for each action, then assign the action to the button and place the button in the layout.
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    Default Re: Layout QActions in a QToolBar

    Thank you!
    Works very well!

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