Hi everybody,

I'm trying to fill a QCanvasPixmapArray with QCanvasPixmap but over a specific number of objets created (191 in ly case) the QCanvasPixmap are always null. I don't know why and it is blocking for me.

Here is my code :
Qt Code:
  1. for(int i =0; i<71; i++)
  2. {
  3. static QString fn;
  4. fn = path + QString::number(i) + ".png";
  6. QCanvasPixmap* pCanPix = new QCanvasPixmap(fn);
  7. Q_ASSERT( pCanPix );
  8. if( pCanPix->isNull() )
  9. qDebug("%s is null", fn);
  10. fullpixes->setImage(i, pCanPix);
  11. }
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Each image is 800x480 pixels.

Is there any limitation with the number of object reference it is possible to use ?

Thanks in advance