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>17k (~1.5k)
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Qt 3.x, Qt 4.x, Qwt, ...
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Unix/X11, Windows, MacOS X, Linux/Embedded, Symbian, WinCE, Maemo 5

Qt Centre is the largest online community devoted to helping developers (both commercial and Open Source) with the use of the Qt toolkit. Almost every issue gets attention from others and most problems get successfully resolved. Average response time on the forum is less than an hour.

Here you can learn about basic features of this site. It is worth to take a few minutes to read this text because it will allow you to spend your time more efficiently and ultimately will lead to getting help faster and of higher quality.

You can see the navigation bar on the top of this page. It contains a couple of buttons that access different parts of the website.

Qt Centre Community Portal

home The first one leads to the Qt Centre Community Portal — a collection of articles, news and data feeds related to Qt. Here you can read the latest news or browse available tutorials on Qt.

All content is organized into sections (you can see the list of available sections on the left side of the portal) and groupped into categories. Every article can also be assigned a number of tags for better identification.

You may also post new content (news item, tutorial). To do that you have to join the "Article Editors" group and click the Create New Article button. When you create content, it will be reviewed by one of the moderators and made available to public.

Qt Centre Forums


The biggest part of Qt Centre where most activity takes place is the Qt Centre forum. It is divided into categories and consists of about 10 rooms focused on different parts of software development using the Qt framework. Here you can ask questions or discuss issues related to Qt or programming in general. Remember that this is a Community site — this is a "best effort" initiative. Please consider helping us in this effort, if you seek assistance, sometimes offer it to others as well, even if you are just a beginner there are surely open issues you know how to solve.

If you are a novice user, consider posting mostly in the Newbie section of the board as people tend to answer with more patience there. Remember to be descriptive, always give as many useful details about your problem as possible and use proper formatting (a list of supported bbcode tags is available for your convenience).


If you have encountered a post you consider very helpful, you can say "thank you" to the author by clicking the Thanks button under the respective post. Please avoid posting a reply just to thank someone, use the button instead.

forum You can also affect reputation of other users by leaving a positive or negative comment about a particular post which can be done by clicking on the star icon (see the picture on the right). The more "thanks" the user receives and the higher reputation he has, the more trustworthy he becomes. It also leads to more satisfaction which implies more will to help others (including you). Low reputation will lead to penalties so try to behave yourself and avoid annoying other members as they might ignore you or appoint you with negative reputation.


wiki The next part of the site is the wiki containing well over 100 entries about topics related to Qt programming.


The final part of the site is a set of blogs by Qt Centre users. You can become one of them by joining the "Bloggers" user group.


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